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Dinh Thai’s family fled during the Vietnam war, then made a 5-year stop in France before immigrating to America. His family settled in a Los Angeles suburb and he quickly acclimated to American culture, making many friends from diverse heritages. The 80s and 90s were an amazing explosion of creativity, shaping his impressionable senses. This cultural mix is the foundation of his life. Recently, Dinh wrote and directed his first narrative piece, MONDAY since graduating college. It’s a project that captures elements of his diverse suburban childhood - part fiction and part autobiography. The culmination is a fast-paced, quick-witted story about a young Asian-American hustler who struggles with the moral implications of his illicit occupation. MONDAY has won 38 festival awards and placed first in HBO’s inaugural APA Visionaries contest. Dinh is a partner of Art and State, a production company located in downtown Los Angeles focuses on creating advertisements and branded content for various ad agencies from conception to delivery. He's available for hire. Feel free to reach out.


Fidencio Casas (B-Cam op), Dinh Thai, Adriaan Kirchner (DP), Joseph Watts (Gaffer), Kevin David Lin (Kwan) © 2017 Gregg Furuoka

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Intae Kim (Choi), Grace Shen (Susan), Dinh Thai, Kevin David Lin (Kwan), Sarah Johanna Jewell (Emma) at the inaugural HBO APA Visionaries screening.

Kevin David Lin (Kwan), Dinh Thai, Adriaan Kirchner (DP) on the set of "MONDAY" © 2017 Gregg Furuoka

Dinh Thai, Kevin David Lin (Kwan), L.A. Williams (Andre), Lawrence Johnson (Eric) © 2017 Gregg Furuoka

Jimmy O. Yang (Silicon Valley), Dinh Thai, Tiffanie Hsu, JingYi Shao, Leonardo Nam (Westworld) © 2017 HBO

Adriaan Kirchner (DP), Fidencio Casas (B-Cam op), Dinh Thai, Diamonique Noriega (Nina) © 2017 Gregg Furuoka

Kevin David Lin (Kwan), Dinh Thai - Images: Copyright © 2017 Gregg Furuoka