Dinh Thai Monday HBO Writer/Director


Quotes Teaser - "MONDAY" is available on HBO platforms.

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In the culturally diverse world of Los Angeles, a young hustler navigates through various cliques while facing racism, danger and a moral struggle with his illicit occupation. And it's only Monday.

8-time award-winning short film, "MONDAY" is available on HBO platforms.

Starring: Kevin David Lin, L.A. Williams, Diamonique Noriega, Steve Castillo, Joe Cadiff, Alexis Clayton, Sarah Johanna Jewell, Lawrence Johnson, Intae Kim, Jefferson Cox, Grace Shen

Written and Directed by Dinh Thai - Produced by Brian Burgett - DP: Adriaan Kirchner
Editor: Matt Detisch - Music: Greg Johnson, Joshua Falcon - Wardrobe: Natalie Borraez - H&MU: Arlene Medina